Our site has been used by scammers to pay for blackmail or job search. Do not make such payments, but tell us the details. So that we can blacklist their wallets.

В последнее время мы наблюдаем отказы по операциям отправки гривны со счетов ПриватБанка. Причиной является то, что ПриватБанк на своей стороне установил дополнительные, внутренние, лимиты по операциям. Если операция не проходит, в качестве альтернативы, рекомендуем использовать для оплаты карты других банков. Проблем с отправкой на карты ПриватБанка не наблюдается.

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1. The Makoli.com service adheres to the practices and measures in the field of combating the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism (AML).
2. The purpose of these measures is to demonstrate that Makoli.com takes seriously any attempt to use its service for illegal purposes.
3. The Makoli.com service warns users against attempts to use the Makoli.com service for money laundering, terrorism financing, fraud of any kind, as well as against using the service to purchase prohibited goods and services.
4. To prevent illegal operations, the Service establishes certain requirements for all Applications created by the User:
4.1. The sender and the recipient of the Payment under the Application must be the same person. Using the services of the Service, transfers in favor of third parties are strictly prohibited.
4.2. All contact information entered by the User in the Application, as well as other personal data transmitted by the User to the Service, must be current and completely reliable.
4.3. It is strictly forbidden to create Applications by the User using anonymous proxy servers or any other anonymous Internet connections.
5. If the administration of the Service has reasonable suspicions that the user is trying to use the services of the Service for money laundering or for

  • the purpose of carrying out any other illegal operations, the administration has the right:
  • suspend the execution of the user’s exchange operation;
  • request the user to provide identification documents;
  • request other information regarding payments;

6. All information provided by the client can be transferred to the relevant authorities in the following cases:

  • at the request of law enforcement agencies;
  • by decision of the courts of various instances;
  • at the request of the administrations of Payment systems.