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This operation is performed by the operator manually and takes about 20 minutes to 5 hours of working time.

    • For all applications for the exchange of cryptocurrency, the amount is recalculated upon receipt. Therefore, you should not create new applications trying to pick up the amount you will send.
    • Payment to your wallet is made by Paymer redemption of WebMoney checks that we receive by exchange from other users. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for claims against the checks themselves. It is desirable to receive payment for passports Personal and higher.

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      Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 1 296.58996 USD

      min.: 0.04 ETH, max.: 9.524868 ETH


      min.: 51.863598 USD, max.: 12 349.848046 USD


      Example: Z307643936193

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      Exchange Ethereum (Eth) to WebMoney (Usd)

      Exchange Ethereum to WebMoney
      Financial market offers a wide range of fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

      Users willing to get a huge passive income need to find good exchangers.

      Makoli is one of such platforms.

      It has got big popularity, thanks to reliable reputation and simple interface.

      Our service allows performing a procedure of exchanging Ethereum to Webmoney within a few minutes.

      How to convert money assets?

      In order to make everything understandable even for a beginner, the company has created a simple instruction.

      It helps to solve all the tasks quickly.

      You should just read this instruction to perform transactions:

      1. Open the official website of the exchanger and choose the necessary currency pair (“Ethereum to Webmoney” in this case), fill an online form.
      2. Write all requested information to transfer money assets.
      3. You must read terms of using the service carefully.
        If you agree with them, then you should put a check.
        After that, move forward to the procedure of exchanging money.
      4. Write the amount of money that you want to exchange within set limits (they are set from 20 up to 2000 USD).
      5. Point out wallet numbers, which are used for the operation.
      6. Before sending the application, check all the information you have written in order to avoid mistakes.

      When you pay for the operation, the application will be sent to an operator.

      If everything is correct, money will be automatically transferred to a given wallet.

      You will see it in your personal account.

      It’s important that Webmoney wallet must be verified.

      It has to have at least personal passport.

      This helps a client to reduce costs on paying a fee and avoid troubles with the transaction.

      Exchanging Ethereum to Webmoney is very simple via Makoli service.

      It is one of the best among other popular exchangers and it’s getting better.

      Why choose Makoli?

      The platform was created by experienced developers, that’s why it’s convenient to work with it even for beginners.

      The main advantage of Makoli is high reputation gained, thanks to reliability and safety of the service.

      These are the most important benefits of the website:

      1. Technical support team works every day. It answers all the questions from clients as soon as possible.
      2. High level of security helps to avoid risks of fraud. Clients’ data on the website is protected well.
      3. You can get good passive income by participating in an affiliate program.
        All you have to do is just find someone to join the website.
      4. There’s no need in providing the service with much personal data. It’s not like in other exchangers, because we support your confidentiality.
      5. All operations are conducted by an operator.
        He reviews your application and checks if the information you provided is correct.
        In case of having small mistakes, this person can make amends by himself. 
      6. The procedure takes a little time and doesn’t require much information. It’s an important advantage for new clients willing to cooperate with Makoli.

      There’s an instruction for beginners.

      It helps to exchange Ethereum to Webmoney in just a few minutes.

      An automatic program on the website calculates the amount of money necessary for the transaction.

      Makoli is a reliable exchanging service that has proved its reputation and has become very popular among users.

      It’s very simple and convenient, that’s why such a huge number of people choose the platform.