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The work supports: Mon. - Fri. from 9:00 to 23:00 UTC +3 Sat. - Sun. free schedule.

This operation is performed by the operator manually and takes about 20 minutes to 5 hours of working time.

    Note: Payment takes place on your wallet by redeeming Paymer WebMoney checks that we receive through the exchange of other users.
    Therefore, we can not be responsible for claims by the checks. It is desirable to obtain payment for Personal passport or higher.

    Exchange rate: 89 RUB = 1 USD

    min.: 1 000 RUB, max.: 200 000 RUB

    min.: 1 000 RUB

    min.: 11.23596 USD, max.: 2 247.192 USD

    min.: 11.23596 USD

    Example: Z307643936193

    Personal data

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    Exchange Exmo (Rub) to WebMoney (Usd)

    Exchange Exmo Rub to WebMoney
    Via Makoli, a client has an opportunity to exchange Exmo RUB to Webmoney within several minutes.

    In order to carry out the transaction, you don’t have to give the service much personal information on comparison with other popular exchangers.

    Wallet numbers are enough for that.

    All you have to do is just perform a few actions according to an instruction.

    Makoli platform has gained a huge popularity among users because of its simplicity of use and a huge number of important benefits.

    Main Advantages

    Makoli has got a lot of advantages that attract regular customers and new clients.

    The most important thing is its perfect reputation which was earned due to a high level of reliability of the platform.

    Among main advantages, the following aspects can be highlighted:

    1. Technical support team works every day.
      Our specialists are ready to help all clients with any troubles they had during the exchange process.
      This is done as soon as possible.
    2. An innovative security systеm is used here.
      Fraud and hacking are impossible on the platform because of it.
    3. Via an affiliate program, every client can organize a decent passive income for himself.  
    4. There is no need to provide the service with much information in order to conduct the operation.
    5. Each transaction is reviewed by an operator.
      In case of having a mistake in an application, this specialist corrects it by himself if there is such an opportunity.   
    6. A simple instruction is understandable even for beginners that are just starting to learn about Makoli platform.
      It helps to figure out all nuances of transactions.

    In addition, there is an automatic program for calculations.

    It shows you how much money you need to transfer.

    Since Makoli was founded, it has managed to win the trust of users.

    The reasons of such an attitude are simplicity of work and profitable exchange rates.

    The interface has been developed in such a way that all newcomers can figure everything out at no time.

    Moreover, Makoli is a universal platform with a huge number of currency pairs, including fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

    How to convert Exmo RUB to Webmoney?

    The exchange procedure has no difficulties to deal with. You just have to follow a simple instruction and perform several actions:

    1. Open the official website and choose a currency pair that you want to work with.
    2. Write all data necessary for carrying out the transaction.
    3. Read terms and conditions of the service and put a check.
      This means that you agree to exchange money and accept rules of the platform.
    4. Point out the amount of money you want to exchange.
      You cannot convert more than 2000 USD   at one time.
    5. Write Exmo RUB and Webmoney wallet numbers.
    6. Check information you have written.
      Correct mistakes and typos if there are any.
      Then you should click on the button to finish the process.

    After you pay for the application, it will be inspected by an operator.

    If he doesn’t find any mistakes, it will be approved and money will be transferred.

    Keep in mind that WebMoney passport must be at least personal.

    It helps to avoid various problems and save some money you would have to pay as a fee.  

    Every client can convert money and get chosen currency via Makoli exchanger.

    In order to conduct this financial operation, only a few simple actions have to be made.

    Nowadays, the platform has enhanced its position in a list of the best exchanging services.

    It continues to gain popularity actively and new useful features are being implemented in it.