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В последнее время мы наблюдаем отказы по операциям отправки гривны со счетов ПриватБанка. Причиной является то, что ПриватБанк на своей стороне установил дополнительные, внутренние, лимиты по операциям. Если операция не проходит, в качестве альтернативы, рекомендуем использовать для оплаты карты других банков. Проблем с отправкой на карты ПриватБанка не наблюдается.

The work supports: Mon. - Fri. from 9:00 to 23:00 UTC +3 Sat. - Sun. free schedule.

This operation is carried out AUTO, and can take up to 5 minutes.

Exchange rate: 31 515.913888 USD = 1 BTC

min.: 300 USD, max.: 3 000 USD

max.: 3 000 USD
Including payment systеm fees Payeer (302.552773 USD)
With fees*:

min.: 0.009519 BTC, max.: 0.09519 BTC

max.: 0.09519 BTC

Example: 1BQ9qza7fn9snSCyJQB3ZcN46biBtkt4ee

Personal data

Enter your email address to receive notification of the status of the application, in the event of an error on the application, email will be the only way to identify you as the creator of the application, if you specify incorrect mail, requests from other mail will not be accepted.

Exchange Payeer (Usd) To Bitcoin (Btc)

Exchange Payeer to Bitcoin
You can exchange Payeer to Bitcoin via Makoli service.

This operation on our platform is simple thanks to a convenient interface and having a specific application form with an instruction attached to it.

The exchanger has a lot of advantages which are the reason of its good reputation and popularity.

Benefits of the Exchanger

Makoli is considered one of the most convenient exchangers.

The platform has a huge list of benefits helping clients get necessary services in an understandable form.

The advantages of Makoli are:

  • profitable exchange rates;
  • a big variety of currency pairs, for example, there are many popular cryptocurrencies;
  • it’s not necessary to wait for an exchange operations many hours, as all transactions are processed quickly;
  • simplicity and convenience of the application form help you not to spend much time on filling it;
  • there is an affiliate program giving clients an opportunity to get an additional income from a fee from users which you have brought to the website;
  • an interface understandable for all clients;
  • an opportunity to appeal to technical support every day in order to solve problems or clarify information on financial operations;
  • there’s no need to provide the service with much personal data for the exchange.

The platform is reliable because of its high level of security.

All these features attract clients and make the website popular.

How to exchange assets

At first, you need to go to our website and pass registration to get access to a personal account.

This gives you an opportunity to get relevant information on exchanges.

Another point for profitable exchanges is a comparison of currency rates on the market.

You can choose the best time for conducting transactions and get profit out of it.

You will also need to have wallets, which will be used during the operation.

Course of action:

  • Choose the currency pair and go to the application form;
  • fill the application while following the given instruction;
  • write personal information and read terms of the service, which you have to accept by ticking the box;
  • provide the website with data about wallets, including account number for Bitcoin transaction;
  • amount of money sent to the wallet in accordance with limits will be calculated automatically;
  • check all the information you have written and solve captcha.

When you make sure that everything is correct, you should click button to pay.

The application will be reviewed after that.

The process of exchanging Payeer to Bitcoin is conducted in an automatic regime.

This means that the application will be approved and money will be sent to a cryptocurrency wallet.

That’s why you have to check all written numbers carefully.

You need to take into account several features while performing exchange operation.

For example, if you exceed limits (they are from 300 to 3000 USD), you will have to fill the application once again.

So, for transferring big amounts of money, several applications are necessary.

The systеm can remember all the information in order to make the process faster.

Makoli gives clients an opportunity to exchange assets from Payeer wallet to Bitcoins very quickly and at profitable rates.

In order to do that, you only need to fill the application correctly and pay for it.

Money will be sent to your account within several minutes.