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The work supports: Mon. - Fri. from 9:00 to 23:00 UTC +3 Sat. - Sun. free schedule.

This operation is performed by the operator manually and takes about 20 minutes to 5 hours of working time.

    You need passport of to create a check PAYMER not lower than PERSONAL.
    How to release the check Paymer
    How to issue per day checks for $ 2000

      Prepaid WM-cards in this direction are not accepted.
      More about WM cards by link
      To learn how to make an exchange, please contact our support chat indicating that you have a pre-paid WM-card.

      Exchange rate: 1 213.948 USD = 1 ETH

      min.: 54.628 USD, max.: 200 USD

      max.: 200 USD

      min.: 0.045 ETH, max.: 0.164752 ETH

      max.: 0.164752 ETH
      Including add. service fee (0.02 ETH)
      With fees*:

      Example: 0x62034de2d4119e6151d5384535455dd7a8771c99

      Personal data

      Enter your email address to receive notification of the status of the application, in the event of an error on the application, email will be the only way to identify you as the creator of the application, if you specify incorrect mail, requests from other mail will not be accepted.

      Exchange Paymer (Usd) To Ethereum (Eth)

      Exchange WebMoney to Ethereum
      Via contemporary and simple Makoli exchanger, every client can convert Webmoney to Ethereum and get profit.

      In order to perform this transaction, you need to prepare some information, for example, a wallet number and follow an instruction provided by the service.

      Makoli has already gained huge popularity among users.

      The reason for such an attitude is a convenient interface and regular customers’ positive reviews.

      Main advantages of the platform

      Makoli service has a lot of benefits which affect its popularity.

      The thing that should be mentioned first is its high and reliable reputation.

      Other advantages are the following:

      • everyday work of technical support team helping clients with all issues concerning exchanges and its quick reaction to users’ requests;
      • a new security systеm reducing risks of fraud or hacking. Safety level on the website is very high;
      • there’s an opportunity to get a passive income by taking part in an affiliate program;
      • amount of information necessary for performing exchange operation is minimal in comparison with other online exchangers and platforms;
      • every transaction is carried out by a real operator. He inspects if all data is correct helping to avoid possible mistakes made by a user;
      • working principle is very simple, that’s why new clients don’t have to spend much time studying all rules for provision of the services.

      In addition, there’s an instruction and an automatic program, which allows calculating amount of money necessary for a transaction or exchanging assets beforehand.

      It makes the website even more convenient.

      Makoli service has already got great reputation among other popular exchanging platforms.

      A reason for such an attitude is that the company is loyal to users and the interface of the service is intuitive.

      Even a new user can understand everything very fast.

      Universality of the platform is as important as everything else, as there is a wide choice of currency pairs and among fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

      You will easily find a coin that you need to exchange.

      How an exchange is conducted?

      Course of action during exchanging Webmoney to Ethereum is very simple.

      There will not be any problems even if a person uses the service for the first time.

      The procedure itself takes only a little time. Here is the instruction for performing the transaction:

      1. At first, you should go to the official website and choose “WebmoneyEthereum” currency pair before filling a form.
      2. Fill the application with all information necessary for the transaction.
      3. Read terms of using the service and tick the box. It means that you accept these rules.
      4. Write the amount of money within the given limits (from 20 up to 2000 USD).
      5. Provide the platform with wallet numbers. 
      6. Finish filling the form and check all information, as everything must be correct.

      After that, the application is sent to an operator, who inspects the given data.

      If everything is correct, money assets will be transferred to the wallet number that you have written.

      A status of the application in your personal account will become “Completed”.

      It’s important to mention that the wallet should have passed verification process.

      Moreover, Webmoney passport must be at least personal.

      In this case, a fee for the transaction will be minimal and there won’t be any troubles with wallets.

      Exchanging Webmoney to Ethereum is performed very fast via Makoli service.

      The process doesn’t take much time.

      Rules for conducting transactions are understandable even for new users.