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This operation is carried out AUTO, and can take up to 5 minutes.

  • This direction is available for maps of Russia and CIS countries (Except Ukraine).
  • For this direction you must be Registered and your ruble card should be Verified
Exchange rate: 77.9 RUB = 1 USD

min.: 5000 RUB, max.: 13299.1898 RUB

min.: 5000 RUB
Including payment system fees Visa/Master card (0.74 RUB)
With fees*:

Indicate your bank card number, without spaces or dashes.


min.: 64.1848 USD, max.: 170.7213 USD

min.: 64.1848 USD

Example: U6505670

Personal data

Last name as on bank card

Name as on bank card

Enter your email address to receive notification of the status of the application, in the event of an error on the application, email will be the only way to identify you as the creator of the application, if you specify incorrect mail, requests from other mail will not be accepted.

Exchange Visa/Master card (Rub) To Perfect money (Usd)

To communicate you need to perform a few steps:

  1. Fill in the form provided. Click “Continue” button.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract for the provision of exchange services, if you are taking them, put a tick in the appropriate box / click “I Agree” ( “Accept”). Recheck data applications.
  3. Pay the application. To do this, make a transfer the required amount by following the instructions on our website.
  4. After this is done, the system will take you to a page “Application Status”, which will indicate the status of your translation.
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