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    Transfer limits

      Payment is possible only with cards of Ukrainian banks, Card with 3-D Secure. If you have a credit card or credit line, banks may charge additional fees P2P translation. Commissions of the issuing bank learn in your bank.

      Exchange rate: 36.054466 UAH = 1 USD

      min.: 100 UAH, max.: 29 500 UAH

      min.: 100 UAH
      Including payment systеm fees Visa/Master card (5 UAH)
      With fees*:

      Indicate your bank card number, without spaces or dashes.


      min.: 2.773582 USD, max.: 818.20669 USD

      min.: 2.773582 USD

      Example: P17848461

      Personal data

      Enter your email address to receive notification of the status of the application, in the event of an error on the application, email will be the only way to identify you as the creator of the application, if you specify incorrect mail, requests from other mail will not be accepted.

      Exchange Visa/Master Card (Uah) To Payeer (Usd)

      Exchange Visa/MasterCard to Payeer
      You can exchange Visa to Payeer via Makoli service. It’s a quick and convenient operation.

      The exchanger has a lot of positive qualities which make it popular among clients.

      One of reasons of such a high demand are an intuitive interface and a simple exchange process.

      You just need to fill the given application form.

      Benefits of the exchanger

      Makoli is a popular and reliable service.

      It’s considered one of the most convenient platforms for exchanging different currency pairs.

      The website has a lot of positive characteristics.

      Among them are:

      • fast and convenient online applications;
      • having complete information on exchange rates;
      • an opportunity to quickly get technical support in case of having any issues;
      • a high level of reliability and security of transactions;
      • automatic calculations, which help to find out the amount of money sent to a given wallet;
      • favorable exchange rates, giving an opportunity to make profit while following currency quotes;
      • fast transactions to Payeer wallets;
      • providing clients with an instruction helping to make exchanges even if you use the service for the first time.

      Due to high reliability and convenience Makoli exchange platform has a lot of positive reviews.

      This indicates a good reputation of the company in the field.

      How to Conduct Exchange Operations

      In order to make exchanges, it’s necessary to have Ukrainian Visa card with UAH and a Payeer wallet with USD.

      For the rest, you should just follow the instruction written on the website.

      The course of action:

      • after going to the service, find a desired currency pair;
      • fill the application upon instruction;
      • point out card and wallet numbers, which are used during the exchange operation;
      • write the amount of money you want to send (the amount that is transferred to Payeer USD) and the systеm will do calculations automatically;
      • check all the data and tick the box next to an agreement with rules of the exchanger which you need to read at first;
      • if this is a single operation, you can put the second check and your data will not remain in the service;
      • if you need one more exchange, you should create the second application after paying for the first one;
      • you can see a status of the application in your account after you pay for it.

      All assets will be sent to a given wallet within several minutes.

      When it’s done, the application will be considered as completed.

      You should check personal information once again before confirming it. It helps to avoid mistakes.

      Features of conducting transactions

      Makoli service has several features.

      The most important ones are:

      • There are limits for transactions. You can transfer from 2000 up to 14500 UAH.
        This means that you should fill one more application in order to send a bigger amount of money.
      • You can get all necessary information about exchange operations in technical support or in your personal account after registration.
      • Payments are done only via cards of Ukrainian banks.
        Don’t forget that financial organizations have an additional fee for using credit cards.
      • The service requires minimum personal data, which is written in the application form.

      You should also keep in mind that our platform has a profitable affiliate program. It lets you get a passive income.

      Exchanging assets from Visa card and transferring them to Payeer wallet takes little time.

      This process is very convenient.

      These qualities are the reason why users appreciate our platform.

      Makoli exchange service has a lot of advantages.

      High level of reliability is one of them.

      Become our client as soon as possible in order to check it out by yourself!