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В последнее время мы наблюдаем отказы по операциям отправки гривны со счетов ПриватБанка. Причиной является то, что ПриватБанк на своей стороне установил дополнительные, внутренние, лимиты по операциям. Если операция не проходит, в качестве альтернативы, рекомендуем использовать для оплаты карты других банков. Проблем с отправкой на карты ПриватБанка не наблюдается.

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    With fees*:

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    Exchange Yandex Money (Rub) To Bitcoin (Btc)

    Buy Bitcoin For Yandex.MoneyQuite recently, a completely new type of currency has entered the world economic market – Bitcoin.

    Its rapid growth has hit the whole world.

    Today, more and more corporations are introducing payment for their services using Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and many people see great prospects in it.

    With the help of our resource you can quickly exchange Yandex.Money for Bitcoin.

    But no matter how promising the electronic currency may seem, for many it causes distrust.

    Let’s consider some facts about Bitcoin, which will help to see the benefits or hidden risks of this cryptocurrency.

    Interesting about Bitcoin

    Bitcoin was designed specifically to facilitate financial transactions on the Internet.

    Its main feature is the exchange of financial resources between individuals or legal entities without passing through intermediaries (banks and other financial institutions).

    Bitcoin’s principle of operation is somewhat similar to the principle of Email.It is based on the so-called “blockchain” – a chain of blocks or a public collective register from all transactions made in the Bitcoin systеm.

    Pay attention to some features of Bitcoin:

    • The security of cryptocurrency inspires confidence. Trading bitcoins into Yandex.Money on our website, you will make a reliable investment.
      That’s because Bitcoin security is high. It is supported by the blockchain systеm – a worldwide database of financial transactions.
      When a transaction is transmitted, secret information (secret key) is used as a signature (confirmation) that the funds were received by the person to whom they were addressed.
    • Availability and ease of use of new electronic currency.
      Bitcoins can be calculated regardless of where you live and in which country you pay for the service.
      This is very convenient for those who are engaged in business abroad or travel frequently, because Bitcoins can always be exchanged for local currency, especially as more and more institutions and shops accept payment by this electronic currency.
    • Remember the risk of volatile prices.
      The Bitcoin price in the world market is unstable, may fluctuate in an unpredictable range. In the 2017, the cryptocurrency showed a staggering growth, but in 2018 the price dropped sharply.
      Due to such chaotic fluctuations, it is better not to invest in your long-term cryptocurrency your savings that you would not want to lose.
      However, there is another side: nobody knows the future of Bitcoin, so by investing money in Bitcoin today, you can suddenly become a millionaire tomorrow.
      And based on the fact that the economy is becoming increasingly dependent on the Internet, this is quite a possible sсript.
    • Remember that Bitcoin payments can not be cancelled.
      Cryptocurrency calculation resembles cash transactions.
      With this calculation, you can get your money back only if it is returned to you by the one to whom you sent it.
      Exactly the same principle in cryptocurrency, you can return the money only by completing a new transaction in which the person who received the money from you will send it back.
      Therefore, if you enter a business abroad or pay for any services, cooperate only with trusted people and companies.

    If you want to make an exchange in a pair of Yandex.Money – Bitcoin, use our online exchanger.

    We provide favorable exchange rates and fast processing of applications. When transferring funds from the Yandex.Wallet, Bitcoins are credited to your account within five minutes, which is very convenient.

    Buy bitcoins for Yandex.Money quickly and easily enough. It is only necessary to fill in all the fields of the submitted form on the website and click the “Exchange” button.