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This operation is performed by the operator manually and takes about 20 minutes to 5 hours of working time.

    If within 20 minutes is not received proof of payment, the bid will be deleted.

      You need passport of to create a check PAYMER not lower than PERSONAL.

        How to release the check Paymer

          Pre-paid WM-card is temporarily not accepted.

          min.: 10 USD, max.: 200 USD
          Enter the check number*:
          Enter the code check*:
          max.: 1731.5 USD
          On wallet*:

          Example: OK808424701

          Personal data

          Enter your surname as in passport


          Enter your name as in passport


          Enter your e-mail

          Phone number*:

          Enter your phone number

          Enter your reply
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          Exchange Paymer USD to OKPAY USD

          To communicate you need to perform a few steps:

          1. Fill in the form provided. Click “Continue” button.
          2. Familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract for the provision of exchange services, if you are taking them, put a tick in the appropriate box / click “I Agree” ( “Accept”). Recheck data applications.
          3. Pay the application. To do this, make a transfer the required amount by following the instructions on our website.
          4. After this is done, the system will take you to a page “Application Status”, which will indicate the status of your translation.

          Note: will require the participation of the operator to perform this operation.

          An error has occurred
          Sorry, but the request has not been executed due to an error