Our site has been used by scammers to pay for blackmail or job search. Do not make such payments, but tell us the details. So that we can blacklist their wallets.

В последнее время мы наблюдаем отказы по операциям отправки гривны со счетов ПриватБанка. Причиной является то, что ПриватБанк на своей стороне установил дополнительные, внутренние, лимиты по операциям. Если операция не проходит, в качестве альтернативы, рекомендуем использовать для оплаты карты других банков. Проблем с отправкой на карты ПриватБанка не наблюдается.

The work supports: Mon. - Fri. from 9:00 to 23:00 UTC +3 Sat. - Sun. free schedule.

1. Is registration required on your site?

No, registration is not required. But if you register on our service, you can participate in the affiliate program.

2. Working hours of the electronic currency exchanger

Applications for which no operator is needed are processed automatically 24/7/365 days. Applications for which an operator is needed are processed during the operator’s working hours (see the operator’s working hours in the site header), as well as when the operator is online on the site. If you have any questions regarding the exchange – please contact the online chat or send a letter to our email.

3. Do I need to enter real mail when making an exchange request?

Yes. Since in the event that errors occur in the application, changes in the details and any actions with the application, you must send a request from the mail from which the application was made. Online chat is for consultation only.

4. Transfer limits

Payment by card

Type of transaction Visa MasterCard
Maximum number of transactions per sender per day 5 5
Maximum number of transactions per sender per month 50 100

Getting to the card

Type of transaction Visa MasterCard
Maximum withdrawal per card per day 75000 75000
Maximum withdrawal per card per month 150000 260000
Maximum number of transactions per recipient per month 50 100

5. I paid for Qiwi, but the application was deleted.

If you paid for the application using the Qiwi payment systеm, but the application was deleted.
First, check the status of your payment, on the website or in the mobile application. Perhaps there is such a record (Your payment is checked by the security service. It will take up to 48 hours).
When the payment goes through, you need to contact us for support, we will check and execute the application.

6. Is it possible to make a refund upon request?

The completed application is irreversible, i.e. funds are non-refundable for such a request. If your operation is not completed, your money will be returned to you minus the commission of the payment systеm.

Payment systеm commissions for refunds

  • Qiwi – 4%
  • Ruble card – 4% + 50 rubles
  • Hryvnia – 2%
  • Perfect money – 0.5%
  • Payeer – 0.5%
  • AdvCash – 1%
  • Tether (TRC-20) – $ 2