MasterPass ™ – a platform connecting online banking and e-wallets on the one hand, as well as online shops – the other, and helps users to skip the steps for completing the payment and contact information at checkout.

MasterPass by MasterCard – the payment is an online service through which online shopping has become more secure, simple and convenient. Purses connected to MasterPass (such as your online banking or e-purse), store information for all of your cards and the delivery address in accordance with generally accepted safety standards, so no need to re-enter this information on the websites of online shops. That is what helps make online shopping an incredibly fast and pleasant.

MasterPass – this is one of the newest products of MasterCard, is already working in Russia.

In February 2013 at the Mobile World Congress, traditionally held in Barcelona, the company announced the launch of MasterPass. It is easy to integrate the systеm: a payment button – the set of her purse. One electronic purse or account – many shops, its host. No need to configure individual connection with each of the providers wallets or payment.

What is created MasterPass?

Of course, the main task – to simplify shopping. That’s what works MasterPass, allowing you to place orders in a few clicks or touches the screen to the device.
Instead log on to the sites of numerous shops, confirm registration via e-mail and enter your billing information every time you need to pay for the goods, the user has an opportunity to use his usual financial tools with the familiar methods of protection and verification of payment: whether its online bank, connected to MasterPass, or electronic purse.

Once saving your data in a single wallet account, you can use it wherever you see the button “Pay MasterPass», including on those shopping sites that were previously not accepted his purse.

At MasterCard today more than 1.9 billion cardholders, who are increasingly active digital life. This process needs to be improved.

MasterCard activities aimed at helping partners involved in this process: issuing banks, trade and service enterprises and, of course, to cardholders. The company is finalizing its own applications and services so that they meet all the requirements of users and rising customer to speed, quality and security purchases.