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Payeer is an international electronic payment system operating by a PSP license. The system, registered in Tbilisi, was established in 2012. Licensing was conducted by the National bank of Georgia. In 2015 Payeer system already had several offices, including representatives in
Moscow, and it became one of the most popular exchangers of the whole Russian Internet. By the end of 2018, the number of users has reached 9.5 million people and it continues to increase so far.

The review of Payeer payment system

Now Payeer is a system, which executes payments. It’s also a fund raising service. All of these funds are received online into a special account and then they are transferred to a single account.

Features of Payeer wallet:

  • an opportunity to execute payments by credit card or an electronic wallet;
  • legalization of cash flow;
  • anonymous use through offshore system;
  • the official website has several languages, including English, Georgian, Russian, French and Spanish;
  • there isn’t any generally accepted form of the name in Russian;
  • existence of accounts in social networks and groups of the payment system, which work with clients;
  • transactions are available after registration and providing your e-mail, mobile phone and number of the account to which transfers are made;
  • for using Payeer wallet without registration, a system of passwords sent to a recipient is used;
  • there is a referral program and various sets of bonuses. Affiliate program includes 6 levels and a referrer has an income, which depends on profitability of the whole system.

While doing currency exchange, you have to take into account that Payeer exchanger can work with 150 payment systems. This feature is individual, as registration for such operations is not necessary.

The system has its own personal card from MasterCard. It has been issued since 2015 in Great Britain. It has some benefits, particularly lack of commission during maintenance and cashing. Declarations to tax authorities are not needed with this card.

The main advantage of the system is its convenience and full confidentiality, which attract a lot of new clients.

Payeer wallet

Payeer wallet is not obligatory in the system, but its availability allows increasing functionality. Moreover, this wallet gives you an access to an internal stock.

Its main purpose is:

  • To track all information within the system;
  • To keep various kinds of currencies and cryptocurrencies;
  • To conduct electronic transfers.

The wallet is mainly needed for those who use the system not only for transfers, but also for keeping various currencies. It is also needed for earning money, which is available via affiliate program and exchanges. Payeer wallet has several features, which should be taken into account during registration and use.

Currencies Payeer works with

Payeer allows exchanging not only ordinary currencies, but also cryptocurrencies. By default, there are 4 accounts in the wallet:

These are main types of funds. Deposits and withdrawals are available at almost all payment systems, including bank and electronic. There is an access to 150 exchangers. If necessary, you can operate with popular cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BCHABC, LTC, DASH.

Exchangers allow an access to all fiat currencies. But there is a condition that commissions rise unlike in standard transactions with rubles, dollars and euro.


In the past, recipients were charged a commission. The system took its share while obtaining funds. Now a commission is taken immediately upon sending money. So a certain amount is needed for a transaction and a percentage for the system.

Fee amount depends on a chosen electronic system. Each of them has a certain percentage.

There are several standard commissions within the stock:

  • currency exchange on the stock itself – 0.25% to 0.95%;
  • making deposits to a wallet with any standard currency – 0%;
  • size of the commission for withdrawals varies from 3 to 5%.

This fee is applied to commissions during exchanges and conversing.


Every user as an individual can choose a registered account (personalized) or verification.

The difference of these two variants is small, but it still exists:

  • if a person logs in as a user, confidence to him increases after verification;
  • a limit for deposits and withdrawals becomes bigger.

A process of verification in the payment system is lot easier compared to other companies. A course of action:

  • settings (the icon is at the top of the screen;
  • “Profile” tab;
  • entering a personal account;
  • providing data, which should be checked for mistakes;
  • attaching a scan or a photo of a passport or a driver’s license.

After these actions security service starts verification process. It can take several days depending on having weekends or holidays. In case of refusal, a person receives a few questions, which should be clarified. If there’s nothing wrong with the profile, its status turns into «VERIFIED».

After the procedure personalization of the wallet can be conducted if it’s necessary for some operations.

Security settings

Security and confidentiality can be customized in standard settings. There is also an opportunity to change contact information, which can be used in order to regain access to the account.

During authorization it’s necessary to choose a reason, which will regulate password dispatch. You can set up sending the code in case of any changes, as well.

There are several ways to confirm authorization:

  • SMS (for money);
  • Telegram, which should be downloaded in a smartphone;
  • e-mail.

Below, it’s required to choose notifications on transactions and payments with minimal amounts of money.

Losing a password and its recovery cost 50 dollars. This is a reason why you should provide contact information as soon as possible. In addition, a special code for confirming every payment is turned on. It’s necessary to avoid potential unsanctioned access. By default, the password for the account has to be changed at least once per month.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals of funds can be conducted in various ways, including bank cards, electronic wallets and exchangers. It’s not obligatory to have a wallet to get or send money, as you can use other methods.

The choice of these methods depends only on preferences of a user and amount of a commission, which is different in each variant.

Internal exchange stock

Internal exchange stock is a special trading platform, which allows making purchases and exchanges of various currencies and cryprocurrencies. In the platform, where you can get after the authorization, there are both commercial elements and graphic indicators of currencies values on a market.

The system allows making money on bids, and that makes the internal platform a commercial trading zone. It’s mostly used to earn an income on cryptocurrencies.

Pros and cons of Payeer payment system

The payment system has both advantages and disadvantages. Benefits are:

  • anonymity;
  • a high level of security and confidentiality;
  • lack of taxation;
  • high-grade functionality on operations with accounts;
  • an opportunity to use a personal station to exchange currency;
  • provision of a bank card with a lot of privileges;
  • an opportunity to earn additional money on the affiliate;
  • a simple registration system and an opportunity to conduct operations without it.

Disadvantages are:

  • impossibility to get money back if it has already been sent and got through the system;
  • paid SMS for security and lack of a code card;
  • need for a messenger;
  • an enlarged commission percentage for operations with.

The last disadvantage is the most important. However, it’s a way to pay for a wide functionality and a guarantee of anonymity.

Payeer is considered one of the best universal systems. It has a lot of useful features, but the main is existence of an offshore zone and anonymity. A simple system of use provides great opportunities for any user.

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Неплохая платежная система, особенно радуют маленький процент комиссии, и работает с несколькими валютами.


Платежная система Payeer мне нравится больше, чем другие, потому что она работает не только в одной валюте. А также хорошо защищена и не надо проходить верификацию при выводе средств. Вывод, кстати, не дорогой.


Этой системе я доверяю больше всего! Система хорошо защищена. Плюс работает сразу с несколькими валютами.


Пользуюсь данной платёжной системой полгода. Привлекает высокая конфиденциальность и возможность работать с криптовалютами. Радует и отсутствие комиссии на пополнение счёта. Всё быстро и удобно.


С платежной системой Payeer знаком давно, однако пользовался ею не так часто. Но за то время пользования мне система понравилась: приятный дизайн сайта, возможность хранить деньги в разных валютах. Подскажите, а легко ли выводить с Payeer на банковские карты?

Елена Баранова
Елена Баранова

Никогда не пользовалась этой платежной системой, но ее очень любит мой брат. Не знаю почему. но он с ней уже лет 5.


Хотелось бы уточнить про банковскую карту. Её и из России можно заказать и пользоваться также, как на пример картой яндекс? Ну со своими условиями естественно.


Из всех платёжных систем, мне больше всего понравилась Payeer. Регистрация на ней простая, не нужно возиться с документами для получения, отправки денег из неё. Плюс не берётся комиссия за пополнение. В общем, доволен этой системой.


Часто пользуюсь этой платежной системой, большое счастья, что ее можно использовать. Создается впечатление, что она самая защищенная из всех, которые вообще существуют.

Руслан Мамин
Руслан Мамин

Payeer моя самая любимая платежная система, потому что у нее два очень больших плюса. Первый плюс заключается в том, что на эту платежку можно скинуть одну из популярных криптовалют и тут же моментально обменять на реальные деньги. Второй и самый главный, моментальный вывод рублей на карту без комиссии (1 к 1) через обменник, либо обмен на яндекс деньги с чистым плюсом 1-2%, что для меня очень удобно.


Очень нравится эта платёжная система. Пользуюсь ей уже четыре месяца. Радует выбор валют, и низкие комиссии.