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Payment Order (Paymer) is one of the online payment methods that matches all security and ease of use requirements.

Paymer is required for payment on the trading platforms on the Internet and for carrying out instant payments outside the web.

What is a Paymer check?

Digital Paymer check is used to instantly pay for any purchases.

The technology guarantees the confidentiality of transactions and any personal information (personal data, bank details, history of operations, etc.).

A check is a mean of payment consisting of a number and a code of arbitrary length.

The document can be stored on any information storage and transferred between the participants in any convenient way.

How to create a Paymer check?

You can create a Paymer check in two ways: via WM Keeper WebPro or on the Paymer website.

We present the procedure for creating a check by the first method:

  1. Enter WM Keeper WebPro using any method of confirmation (SMS, E-Num, login and password, etc.).
  2. In the “Menu” tab, sеlect the “Send” item and click on “WM to Paymer check”. You can also click on the context menu in the list of wallets, “Transfer WM – to Paymer”.
  3. Specify the amount to create a check and click “Send”.
  4. Choose a convenient way to confirm the creation of a Paymer check.
  5. Wait for the notification in case of successful operation.
  6. Check details sent via internal WM mail.

Description of the issue of the check can be found on the WebMoney website.

The method of issuing a Paymer check type E-currency check on the official website can be found in the video below:

Video filmed in Russian.

To watch in your own language, turn on the captions and in the settings sеlect the translation for your language.

You can understand what it says.

The main recommendations for creating a check, which should be followed:

  • When you create a check, instantly deposit the required amount to the account;
  • Specify the validity of the check – 1 year;
  • The maximum amount of the check can be $ 200 maximum. For checks in a large amount, you will have to create several checks;
  • Be prepared to pay WebMoney commission of 0.8%, as well as 1% for the issue of the check itself.

Can I issue several checks for $ 2,000 per day?

This is real, but since one WMID allows you to issue only one check per day for $ 200.

We will introduce you to the methods of attaching additional WMID to one certificate.

This method allows you to attach another 9 WMID.

When creating a transfer between WMID, a commission will be charged, but it will not be charged when transferring between your accounts.

More information can be found on the official WebMoney website.

How to get a personal certificate with notarized documents?

Obtaining a Personal Certificate for notarized documents is possible in several cases:

  1. If the applicant of a personal or initial certificate cannot meet with any of the attesters;
  2. If the applicant is not satisfied with the conditions for obtaining a certificate.

In such a situation, it is possible to obtain a certificate from one of the representatives of the certification center, who are authorized to issue them on notarized documents or at the center of certification.

Information about such registrars can be found on the official WebMoney website.

What are the stages of the procedure for obtaining a certificate for notarized documents?

  1. Choose a registrar (attester), who is authorized to issue certificates for notarized documents. Pay the application for a certificate on the site certification center.
  2. Prepare the necessary documents for obtaining a certificate. More exactly, a photocopy of the main turn of your passport and the statement of the applicant of the certificate (you need to download and fill it out on the official Webmoney site).
  3. Notarize the signature of the applicant of the certificate on the application according to all the rules of notarize certification. A photocopy of the passport is not certified.
  4. Regular mail (not e-mail) send certification documents to the registrar.

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